How To Sell

We are very confident you will find selling on bucksoup both easy and fun!

That said, with you, our talented Producer in mind, we've designed these three simple steps to get you off and running. 


1. Sign Up to create your bucksoup Account.

2. Click on the words 'Wanna Sell' in the Navigation Bar. (this will take you to the 'Create Your bucksoup Shop' page)

3. Complete the short form and click the 'Submit' button.


And BOOM, you've successfully become a bucksoup Producer!


You will now see a new 'Shop Icon' in the Navigation Bar that replaces the words 'Wanna Sell'. Clicking on the Shop Icon will reveal a dropdown with all the important pages you'll use as a bucksoup Producers.


To start, and probably the most important, being the 'Add New Title' page.

While technically you're already a Producer, the bucksoup Producer experience really starts once you've added a new Title to your Shop! *Title is what we call a product.


There are two ways to sell your Titles

1. Make your Title 'Available Now'. Selecting this option creates a Title that will be available for Instant Download upon purchase. It will feature a 'Buy Now' button on the Product Page.


2. Make your Title a 'Pledgeable'. Selecting this option allows you, the Producer, to set a threshold of a minimum number of sales before the Title is released.  This is your 'Pledge Goal'. The Title will feature a 'Pledge Now' button instead of a 'Buy Now' button, as well as a progress bar showing the Pledge Goal and number of current Pledges made.


Customers will be able to Pledge the Title using Credits and can remove their Pledge so long as the Title hasn't met it's Pledge Goal and been released.


Producers can raise or lower the Pledge Goal before any Pledges have been made. Once a single Pledge has been submitted a Producer can only lower the Pledge Goal. Lowering the Pledge Goal to the amount of current Pledges would automatically release the Title. 


Changing an 'Available Now' Title to a 'Pledgeable' Title is possible so long as the Title has not yet sold. This can be achieved by editing the Title. Which can be accessed thru the 'Manage Titles' page or by selecting the 'Edit Icon' directly on the Product Page.


We look forward to seeing all the amazing Titles you'll be offering the bucksoup community, and are always here to offer any support along the way!


Let's Go!