Our Lingo

You may have noticed we kinda have our own lingo working here at bucksoup.


To ensure we're always on the same page, we thought it would be fun to provide you with a little bucksoup dictionary, if you will.


We suspect this will evolve over time as the community grows and either becomes accustomed to or rejects accordingly...


So, a list of terms and/or phrases you will experience on bucksoup;


1. theBOUP - theBOUP is our nickname. or a shortened version of bucksoup.


2. Boupers - Boupers are what we call our customers. Or really anyone that's part of the bucksoup community. i.e., You'll notice you have a 'Bouping Since' date on your Profile page...and we appreciate you for that!


3. Bouping - Bouping is a verb and is the act of participating in anything bucksoup related. The past tense being 'Boup'd'. i.e., You Boup'd it!


4. Boup Bank - Boup Bank is your Credit Account, where you will go to see your register...the ebb and flow of Credits.


5. Credits - Credits are our currency. All purchases on bucksoup are made with Credits. 


6. Producers - Producers are what we call all the talented folks that create and sell their incredible Titles on bucksoup.


7. Titles - Titles are what we call our content / products. Producers sell Titles. Boupers purchase Titles. 


8. Crate - The Crate is our 'shopping cart'. It can be found in the usual location, on the right side of the Navigation Bar. (top right) 


9. Pledgeables - Pleadgeables are Titles that have been created with a sales goal that must be met before the Title is released. Producers set Pledge Goals. Boupers Pledge the Pledgeable Titles in support.


10. The Top 10s - The Top 10s are our way of providing the community a look at what's trending on bucksoup. There are Top 10 Categories, Titles, and Producers. 


11. Chuck - Chuck, aka Charles Boup is most simply put, our mascot. However Chuck is so much more than that...as you will come to learn over time. Oh and Chuck is also the one who put this list together. Hi!


More to come...